The ideal partner for companies dealing with non-woven geotextiles

We are a company in continuous expansion, faithful to its roots that means the passion for the production of geotextiles and open to innovations, because only a dynamic reality, oriented towards the future and respect for the environment is a winner. Today, we are market leaders in Europe, because from the beginning we have always set the goal of improving, renewing and growing up over time.


MARCH 2000

The first plant starts up, suitable to produce rolls up to m 6,5 width.

JULY 2000

The  Quality System in according to EN ISO 9002:1994 is awarded to the Company.

APRIL 2001

The second plant becomes operative.


The CE marking is awarded to the company by tBU Institute (Germany)

JULY 2003

The Quality System is renewed according to  EN ISO 9001:2000

APRIL 2005

The 2nd factory at Via Zannini in Campolongo sul Brenta was inaugurated and the third production plant becomes operative;


Geo & Tex 2000 spa receives the gold medal of the "Antonio Pigafetta" Internationalization Award, established by the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture.

JULY 2007

The fourth production plant becomes operative.


A geotextile conversion plant is inaugurated for manufacturing mini-rolls dedicated to the DIY market.

MAY 2012

Inauguration of the 3rd factory in Via Giusti at Campolongo sul Brenta; the fifth production plant becomes operative.


The production capability for the conversion and coupling of geotextiles is extended.

MAY 2015

The Quality System is renewed according to EN ISO 9001: 2008.

MAY 2016

A line is replaced with a new high technology production plant.




Over 350 million euros invoiced since the start of the activity


Over 80% of turnover is directed to the foreign market


Over 60 employees



Current production capability exceeding 30,000 tons / year, 5 active production lines and three factories

In 2017 we exceeded the BILLION of square meters produced and sold since the beginning of the activity



INVESTMENTS: over 30 million euro from the beginning of the activity



In 2018 we will overcome the wall of 200,000 tons produced and sold since the beginning of the activity


Passion, technology, and quality: this is the mix which allowed  Geo&Tex 2000 spa to achieve  the affection of many markets in the field of non woven geotextiles, reaching very good results in a short time. Geo & Tex 2000 spa was founded at the beginning of the new millennium thanks to the initiative of the Campana family, which already has a long experience and tradition in the field of non-woven geotextiles.

The success of Geo&Tex 2000 spa is based on the continuous technical improvement of  products and on the efficiency of the offered service. This process consists in frequent investments in high-technology  plants and in the co-operation of the best suppliers for high quality fibres; thanks to the good relationship with  clients the company starts personalized solutions and innovative ideas. Geo&Tex 2000 work together with Independent Laboratories, Research Institutes, Bodies for the Standardization and Associations related to geosynthetics: in this way the company is giving its contribution to the diffusion of the culture about non-woven geotextiles and to the updating of their characteristics, applications and standards.

The market

Geo & Tex 2000 spa is active in over 30 countries, thanks to a great production flexibility and to obtaining all main European certifications. Our main market is the European community, but the company is increasing its presence in Eastern Europe and in Africa. In Europe, as regards non-woven geotextiles, we have the largest production capability with over 30 million kg.


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